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THE ASPIRATION HUB is home for Aspirational Entrepreneurs & Corporations who want to Evolve their Mindset & Transform their Lives!

From our free online community, through to our exciting bootcamps, all the way to 1:2:1 mindset coaching. The Aspiration Hub is built on the expertise & experience of professional coaches and full-time entrepreneurs.

Myself and my team know exactly how to give you unstoppable:


Founder | Aspiration Hub

Sound like you?

"I wish I had..."



Un-Breakable FOCUS

Un-Limited ENERGY

You've always dreamed of working for yourself and now you're actually doing it! But it's not what you expected. You're stuck, you're panicking and now the days seem to be flying past in the blink of an eye. What happens if you continue to operate way below your potential? Will you have to give up your entrepreneurial dreams and 'get a job'?

If you continue to experience self-doubt, a lack of focus, damaged confidence and depleting energy then yes, you will have to give up, get a job and it would have all been for nothing.

So, you try your hardest to 'Level Up' on your own. You read books, watch YouTube videos, listen to Podcasts..... and nothing is changing.

You need to realise that you're not alone & it's not your fault.

There are so many entrepreneurs out there who are all experiencing the same problems as you. Some of them have completely shattered these chains by developing a Bulletproof Mindset with The Aspiration Hub.



Take step 1 on your journey to Success!

Join our free group and become a key member of The Aspiration Hub Online Community.

This growing online tribe of over 6,000 people only want you to Succeed! 

This is a #ZeroNegativity zone where we encourage you to #AspireForMore & share whatever you find inspiring. Contribute as much as you want, absorb as much as you can and help your fellow members on their journey to develop a Success Mindset.


time to get bulletproof

Our Bootcamp is for REAL Transformation

The Aspiration Hub Mindset Bootcamp is for those Entrepreneurs who are serious about developing a Bulletproof Mindset.

An Entrepreneur with a Bulletproof Mindset is ALWAYS Focused, Confident, Energised, Motivated and Empowered.

NOTHING can take that away from them.

Our Bootcamp is designed by Mindset Development Experts & run by Liam (Founder & Director of The Aspiration Hub)

Liam is just a great coach and trainer. When he coaches you, you feel that your aspirations matter to him and the confidence that inspires is permanent. He brings an energy and focus to coaching that lights a fire. Last year, I was lucky enough to take part in a group coaching event led by Liam which involved an aerial walk. Just being asked to participate made me wonder if I could do it - and it was a challenge (I mean, a proper brown trousers required challenge). Over a year later, I am still exhilarated by having achieved it and I draw on the experience whenever I face something that makes me want to cry with fear. The same freshness can be strongly felt in his training seminars - put simply, he empowers participants to get out there and meet life head on.

Jinny-Marie Lee

Aspiration Hub Head Office


Founder & Director

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Liam Collins Ba (hons), is the founder and director of The Aspiration Hub.

NLP Master Practitioner  Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Adventurer & Wildman!


Head of Training

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Denise Collins MSC BSC (hons), is the head trainer here at The Aspiration Hub. She is an expert NLP trainer, certified by Dr John Grinder in 2006. (John is one of co-creators of NLP).

She has worked with many of the leading experts in the world.

(including among others, Dr Michael Yapko, Dr Tad James, Dr Chris Hall, Sue Biechonski, Tom Barber, Marisa Peer, Gill Boyne, Stephen Gilligan, Paul McKenna & Richard Bandler).

Denise is also the author of 3 successful personal development books!