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"Face your fears and your doubts.

Explore the impossible.

Problem solve through movement.

Trust your hands. Find your feet. Achieve Balance.

Follow your passion".

Being an actor.

The scariest night of my life.

when mindset prevails

Saturday 3rd June 2017.

Myself and my fiancé Claudia were in our Borough Market apartment in London when the London Bridge terror attacks happened.

At the time it seemed like attacks were happening all around us - we knew we had to stay calm under pressure. 

We controlled our nerves, calmed our minds, thought logically through the chaos & worked together to keep each other safe.

Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

played a huge part that night and every night since.

Your Mindset is a valuable part of who you are - don't neglect it.

from stage to screen

I have been very fortunate to work with some of the world's most famous actors.

My first golden opportunity presented itself to me when I body-doubled Tom Hardy as the Bane in 'Batman - The Dark Knight Rises' (2012)

Before and after graduating from Drama School I played lead roles for BBC1 and performed alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in 'Little Favour' (2013)

I've performed on the London Stage and acting has even taken me overseas. 

My time as an actor has taught me how to master Confidence, Presence and Inner Dialogue.

Inner dialogue being that voice inside your head that so heavily effects us on a daily basis (even if we don't realise it).

Wildman at heart.

Explore the world. Push the boundaries.

Escape your comfort zone!

There is a reason why I love extreme sports.


Because I value Freedom & Progression more than anything else in life.

True Progression is what keeps us alive and makes life worth living.

The only way to achieve true progression is to break away from your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is deadly - it will slowly kill you if you don’t escape it every so often. 


As humans we owe it to ourselves to push the boundaries of what we think is possible.


This is because ‘Motion creates Emotion’ and the more we push ourselves physically and mentally the more positive energy we put out into the world.

Extreme Sports not only allow you to produce that positive energy - they also allow you to become forever linked to the natural wonders of the world.


In order to surf a wave, climb a rock face, snowboard a mountain - you must find Balance, Momentum, Synergy & Resonance with the Earth.

These things will bring you closer to the natural positive energy of the world and allow you to progress as a individual in body and mind.


This is freedom.

The love of my life.

My wife

This is Claudia.

We met when we were kids and we have been in love ever since.


She is one in a billion - truly one in a billion!


She is the most caring, considerate, thoughtful person I have ever met.

She is the sweetest girl in the world and she loves me so much.


We travel the world together.

We share laughter and stories on a daily basis.

She supports me, cares for me and genuinely believes that I am capable of anything.


She is incredibly hard working and very, very successful. 

She pushes herself outside of her comfort zone and she loves an adventure! 

She is so resilient and so beautiful. 

I am unbelievably proud of her and totally in love.


She’s my partner.